Dj DB405 – Gang Gang ft. Kadence music video – Christian rap

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Dj DB405 music video for “Gang Gang” featuring Kadence from his latest project ‘Lapwing Rd.’

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“Dj DB405 named this album Lapwing Rd. after the street he grew up in Edmond, OK, a small city in Oklahoma City’s metro area.” a press release states. “This is the place where he first fell in love with music, where it all began before being in the streets selling mixtapes and DJing nightclubs around OKC at the age 16. But now, he is promoting music that’s gonna help and not hurt people and hopes to do that with the Lapwing Rd.”

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St. Austin Catholic Church Remodels

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Among the ever-changing face of the Drag, St. Austin Catholic Church has been the same since the 50s, but after some safety concerns, the parish now wants to remodel its façade. Rachel Steinkamp reports on how this historic church is changing with the times.

Made for Texas Newswatch March 2015.

The Racism In Tulsa, Oklahoma Didn’t Start With Terence Crutcher!

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Thom takes calls from callers Paul and Kevin, who tell the story of the Tulsa, OK bombardment, when white people attacked a prosperous black neighborhood and killed more than 300 people.

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“Worship Medley” arranged by Kent Brooks

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I arranged a medley of familiar worship songs as a prelude for First Calvary Baptist Church’s 126th Anniversary (Oct. 2010). First Calvary is located in Durham, NC. I served there as the Director of Music Ministries for 10 years before moving to Ohio.

Cleanit Janitorial Services Video – Carmichael, CA United St

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Cleanit Janitorial Services – Carmichael, CA United States

Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Area
Northern California Area

Cleanit Janitorial Service has over 20 years of experience in the Commercial Janitorial and Maintenance industry. In that time Cleanit has become one of Northern California’s leading commercial Janitorial Services.

We service commercial buildings including offices, industrial, factories, laboratories, campuses, churches and more.

We offer general cleaning services, detailed floor and carpet care, window cleaning, and many other specialty cleaning and maintenance services.

We provide a high level of quality to our clients unlike any other janitorial company in the area through the development of our proven system.

This includes dedicated supervisors, state of the art training and specialty certifications, environmentally friendly green products and services, and we use the most up to date premier machinery to ensure high quality results.

Children Taking Over Church

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Rob DeLuca, Senior Pastor of His Way Church Auckland, lets the children minister once again. In this powerful service the children preach to the adults, watch as God moves powerfully on his people, being healed and touched by Heaven’s glory.

Роб ДеЛюка, Главный Пастор Церкви “His Way Church”, Оклэнд, передает служение детям. В этом сильном служении дети проповедуют взрослым, Смотрите, как Бог могущественным образом движется в жизни Его людей, которые получают исцеление и прикосновение Небесной славы.

Cop tells black kids: “Don’t go to church and get hurt”

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A Charleston Police officer has drawn unwanted attention to himself by telling a group of children that they don’t want to “Go to church and get hurt.” The cellphone video has now gone viral and further opens the wounds that the world is feeling from the massacre that occurred at the Emanuel AME church just a few days ago.

The video was filmed by the children and turned in to the police. This has led to the department announcing that it will conduct an investigation into the matter.

It’s difficult to say that the children were not disrespectful, with some of them laughing at the officer, saying, “f*** you n****, I’ll f*** your momma!” This appeared to prompt outrage from the officer, who made his untimely remarks.

A spokesman for the Charleston Police Department told WCSC that they plan to “continue to demonstrate through both words and actions that we are here to provide safety, security and comfort to the families, church and community.”

BREAKING Kavanaugh Nomination coming down to the Wire FBI Investigation completed October 3 2018

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BREAKING Judge Napolitano on Brett Kavanaugh Constitutionalist vs unconstitutional Patriot Act

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